12 May
12 May
12 May 11:00 – 12:15 BST / 12:00 – 13:15 CET
Dominic Collins, CEO and Co-founder of Darabase Limited

What you will learn

  • How to create a mandate for change

  • Aligning culture and management to organisational goals

  • Lessons from Silicon Valley's leaders

    In today’s marketplace, leaders must be able to implement rapid and decisive change to capitalise on emerging opportunities or react to competitors’ moves. They must also be sensitive to the needs and preconceptions of shareholders, customers, and above all, employees. Delivering such change programmes demands both operational excellence and the ability to bring the team with you, as one without the other can be fatal.

    The subject promises to prove highly instructive for senior healthcare leaders navigating the industry’s increasingly turbulent political, regulatory, and technology-led waters. Drawing on personal lessons from some of the most recognised and respected brands in their sectors, including EE and Legal & General, Dominic will explain how the careful blending of rational and emotional strategies can ensure that such cultural transformations are swiftly and successfully implemented.

    Your speakers

    Dominic Collins

    CEO and Co-founder of Darabase Limited

    Dominic is the CEO and Co-founder of Darabase Limited, the Augmented Reality Outdoor Media Company. Darabase partners with property companies, retailers, media owners, brands and agencies to connect the physical world to its ‘digital twin’, augmenting existing outdoor media as well as being a central registry and platform for managing AR content in physical locations globally.

    Previously Dominic was President, Product Engineering & International at Jaunt XR,
    the CMO of Legal & General and led many large digital P&Ls including as Director of Digital at EE, as CEO of two France Telecom companies, as Group Director at Trader Media Group where he managed autotrader.co.uk and as Director of Digital Products & Services at Sky.

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